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Public Environmental Review (PER) Fimiston Operations Extension (Stage 3) REVISED PROPOSAL

Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines Pty Ltd (KCGM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Northern Star Resources Ltd, is proposing to develop the Fimiston South Project at the Fimiston Operations. KCGM is seeking approval under the Environmental Protection Act 1986. The project includes a cutback to the Fimiston Open Pit, known as the Ivanhoe cutback, expansion of the Fimiston Tailings Storage Facilities, an extension to the Waste Rock Dump and additional supporting infrastructure.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) invite the public to make a submission on this proposal. The PER is available for a public review period of 4 weeks from 25 March 2024 – 24 April 2024.

What to include in your submission:

• Your name and address;
• Date of your submission;
• Whether you want your contact details to be confidential;
• A summary of your submission if it is long;
• A list of points so that issues raised are clear, preferably by environmental factor;
• Refer each point to the page, Section and if possible, paragraph of the ERD; and
• Attach any reference material, if applicable., ensuring your information is accurate.

The EPA prefers submissions to be made electronically via the EPA’s Consultation Hub at

Alternatively, submissions can be:

• Posted to: Chairman, Environmental Protection Authority, Locked Bag 10, Joondalup DC WA 6919, or
• Delivered to: Environmental Protection Authority, Prime House, 8 Davidson Terrace, Joondalup 6027.

If you have any questions on how to make a submission, please contact EPA Services at the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation on (08) 6364 7000.

KCGM has prepared the Environmental Review Document in accordance with EPA procedures and has released it for public review. The Environmental Review Document describes the proposal, the likely environmental impacts and the proposed management measures.

Main Report (EPA Assessment Number 2354)

App S_CAR 2021 KCGM MS782
App S_CAR 2020 KCGM MS782
App S_CAR 2019 KCGM MS782
App S_CAR 2018 KCGM MS782
App S_AER 2022 KCGM MS782
App S_AER 2021 KCGM MS782
App S_AER 2019 KCGM MS782 App S_AER 2018 KCGM MS782
App S_AER 2018 KCGM MS782
App S_AACR 2022
App S_AACR 2020
App S_ AACR 2021
App S_ AACR 2019
App S_ AACR 2018
App S KCGM MS782 5Year Performance Report 2010-2014
App S KCGM MS782 5 Year Performance Review 2015-2019
App P Noise and Vibration MMP v10 23 Feb 2024
App O Part 2 Compl Noise Mon Loc – Outram St
App O Part 1 Acoustic Impact Assessment
App N Flyrock Potential and Control_Fimiston South_Stage 2_Update
App M Vibration & Overpressure
App L Public Significant Species MPlan
App J Malleefowl Activity & Habitat Assessment
App I FaunaSurveyReport_Fimiston_V2.1_12022024
App H Herbarium Memo re Streptoglossa
App H Flora-Fimiston-Report V3-15022024
App G Greenhouse Gas Man Plan Rev 0
App F Air Quality Management Plan v12
App E Fimiston South Air Quality Assessment
App D Screening Health Risk Assessment
App A Part 2 KPMG_Banarra_NS_SIA_Final_Addendum_FINAL
App A Part 1 KPMG_Banarra_Final_KCGM_SIA_Report_17 August 2020
App U Project Materials Characterisation 2022 FINAL
App U KCGM Pit Lake
App U KCGM MCP 2022_v1 Vol 2 Fimiston South
App U KCGM MCP 2022_v1 Vol 1 Fimiston South
App T MS 782 Conditions Review July 2023
App S_CAR 2022 KCGM MS782

Letters of Support:
App B Letters of Support

Copies of the document will be available for examination at:

• William Grundt Memorial Library, or
• State Library of Western Australia.

Hard copies of the document may be purchased for $10 (including postage) from:

Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines Pty Ltd/Northern Star Resources Ltd
Black Street, Kalgoorlie WA or call (08) 9022 1100


Project Plans

Public Environmental Review (PER) Fimiston Operations Extension (Stage 3) and Mine Closure Planning (Sep 2006)

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) invited the public to make a submission on this proposal. The PER was available for a public review period of 8 weeks from 4 September 2006, to 30 October 2006.

Fimiston Operations Extension (Stage 3) PER – Additional Information (Oct 2007)

Independent Flyrock Review for the Fimiston Extension – Golden Pike Cutback (Apr 2007)

KCGM Noise Bund and Loopline Realignment Project Plan (Stage 1, Nov 2005)

Fimiston II TSF Height Increase Notice of Intent (Stage 2, Oct 2005)

KCGM Southern Central Waste Dump Extension Project Plan (Jan 2005)

KCGM Southern Landform Extension Project Plan (Feb 2004)

Fimiston I TSF Height Increase

Fimiston II TSF Height Increase Notice of Intent (Stage 2, Oct 2005)

 Mt Gleddon Rehabilitation Project (Jun 2005)

Mt Gleddon (also known as Nanny Goat Hill and Maritana Hill), occupies the northern corner between the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Bypass Road, Williamstown Road and Mt Charlotte to Fimiston conveyor belt. It is registered as an Aboriginal Heritage Site with the Department of Indigenous Affairs, and is also part of the KCGM mining lease (M26/131).

Other Reports