Fimiston South Project – Extending the life of the Super Pit to 2034

  • Northern Star Resources (Northern Star) is currently preparing for a growth project at KCGM Operations called ‘Fimiston South’, commencing at the southern end of the Fimiston Open (Super Pit) in 2023.

  • Northern Star is undertaking extensive environmental studies as part of the project, with comprehensive environmental management plans in place to mitigate potential impacts.

  • Fimiston South will extend KCGM Operations’ Life of Mine to 2034, providing ongoing benefits to the Kalgoorlie-Boulder community and sustaining hundreds of local jobs.

Open Pit

The project will consist of two cutbacks, named to celebrate KCGM Operations’ close connection to the Boulder community and historic links to the Golden Mile.  The ‘Great Boulder’ cutback will be the single largest cutback at the Fimiston Open Pit in more than a decade, followed by the ‘Ivanhoe’ cutback. Both cutbacks share the names of leases first pegged by Will Brookman and Sam Pearce in 1893 when mining first commenced in the region.

A map of the Fimiston South project has been included below: 


To support the project, waste rock will either be redeposited back into the Fimiston Open Pit or hauled to existing waste rock dumps. A new Tailings Storage Facility will be also constructed in 2023.

During the first 12 months of the project, when mining is close to the surface, there will be instances where open pit blasting will temporarily close a small section of the Goldfields Highway. Northern Star will work closely with stakeholders throughout this process.

Early Works

Managing and mitigating environmental impacts from our operations is a key focus for Northern Star. To reduce noise impacts, an established environmental noise bund surrounds KCGM Operations on the western side (City side). This ensures a noise barrier exists between the Fimiston Open Pit and City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

As part of the Fimiston South Project, a portion of the existing noise bund towards the South Boulder industrial area, will need to be relocated westwards to ensure that noise mitigation measures are in place prior to project commencement. Construction works on the noise bund realignment are scheduled to begin in late 2023 and continue for approximately 12 months.

Northern Star will be closely monitoring and managing dust, noise and vibration impacts during the realignment phase. Dust will be managed using water carts and monitoring wind conditions; with work stopping depending on adverse wind conditions.

Aerial Perspectives of noise bund realignment:


Northern Star strives to build and maintain positive relationships with key stakeholders and the communities in which we operate. At KCGM Operations, we consider the Kalgoorlie-Boulder community to be one of our most important stakeholders, and we are fortunate to enjoy a strong relationship developed over 30 years.

As a Company, we strive to engage openly, honestly, and regularly with the communities impacted by our operations and consider their views in our decision-making and future plans. At KCGM Operations, we regularly undertake Social Impact Assessments and use feedback from our Local Voices program to understand what issues matter most to the Kalgoorlie-Boulder community.


Northern Star will refer the Fimiston South growth project to the WA Environmental Protection Authority in August 2022 for assessment and approval.

Northern Star has undertaken a number of environmental studies to understand and mitigate potential project impacts. This includes preparations for a slight modification of the Environmental Noise Bund near the South Boulder Industrial Area, as well as flora and fauna, greenhouse gas emissions, and air quality studies.

Mining operations and environmental impacts will continue to be monitored and managed through Northern Star’s existing Environmental Management Plans.

Super Pit Lookout

As part of the project, the Super Pit Lookout will be relocated. Construction of the new Lookout will commence in late 2023, and updates will be shared regularly.

Questions or Feedback? 

If you have questions about Fimiston South or would like to know more about KCGM Operations, connect with the Northern Star team: