Progressive Rehabilitation

Progressive rehabilitation is the process of rehabilitating waste rock dumps and tailings storage facilities shortly after they become available. KCGM has a programme of progressive rehabilitation of our significant waste rock dumps and tailings storage facilities which is scheduled to coincide with available rehabilitation materials and equipment. The benefits of progressive rehabilitation include the early establishment of vegetation, which reduces dust levels and improves visual surroundings. In addition this also results in a significant reduction in the amount of rehabilitation required when mining is completed.

Natural ecosystems in the region are studied to determine the best range of plants for soils and slopes on the new landforms, which is reflected in the mixes of plant seed used in rehabilitation. The rehabilitation done by KCGM aims to establish modified natural vegetation communities on stable landforms. Monitoring, research and ongoing improvements to revegetation methods are an important part of this process.

 Management of Historic Workings

Since forming in 1989, KCGM has fenced and in-filled many historic abandoned shafts and workings along the Golden Mile to make the area safer for the community during its operating mine life. Historic workings have either been fenced or backfilled depending on their location, size and type. Where shafts pose a risk to members of the community, they are investigated and inadvertent access is prevented with fencing.

Creating a Green Belt

Due to long term historical mining in Kalgoorlie, the area had become degraded and was a significant source of wind generated dust. Shortly after KCGM was formed plans were put into place to create a ‘green belt’ or buffer zone between mining operations and the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder, in part to separate the two, and also to rehabilitate the historically degraded landscape. During the Greening the Golden Mile project, which commenced in 1991, 210,000 trees were planted and 730 hectares rehabilitated, resulting in a marked improvement in the visual amenity and environmental value of the area.

Download KCGM Mine Closure Plan 2018