Community Investment Program

KCGM is proud to be a part of the Kalgoorlie-Boulder community.

A key element of our social responsibility programme is to contribute to the development of our community. We support sustainable projects which benefit the Kalgoorlie-Boulder community in the long term through the KCGM Community Investment Programme.

KCGM supports a wide range of community organisations and activities through the Community Investment Programme, staff volunteering, site tours, scholarships, staff fundraising and in kind donations.
There are three levels of support for which an organisation may apply:

Donations – one off amounts up to $1,000
Grants – one off amounts between $1,000 and $10,000
Sponsorships – Recurring investments or amounts over $10,000

Ongoing sponsored projects include:
East Kalgoorlie Primary School
Life Without Barriers
Hannans North Tourist Mine
Kalgoorlie Boulder Urban Landcare Group (KBULG)
Gilding of the Dome
St Barbara’s Festival

It is important that KCGM understands the context and potential of your project so that its benefits to the community can be assessed. All applications must be submitted electronically on the KCGM Community Investment Programme Application Form to

Please ensure that you download and read through the Applicant Guidelines and the relevant Application and Evaluation forms before applying to the Programme. These guidelines and all documents related to the Programme are regularly revised and updated. Please ensure that you are using the current version of these documents before completing and submitting your application.

If you would like help please contact the KCGM External Relations Advisor on 9022 1195.

Download Applicant Guidelines

Download Donation Application Form

Download Donation Evaluation Form

Download Grant Application Form

Download Grant Evaluation Form

Download Sponsorship Application Form

Download Sponsorship Evaluation Form