Core Values

Our six Core Values are the foundation upon which our culture is built and provide a clear understanding of what is important, valued and acceptable at KCGM. Our Core Values guide decision making, actions and behaviours at KCGM and we expect our workforce to incorporate the Values into everything we do on site and in the local community.

1. Lead in safety, the environment and social responsibility

Set, maintain and continually improve standards by being conscious of the impact of the actions which you and those around you take.

2. Behave like an owner

Treat people, equipment, everything as your own, and show that you really care.

3. Act with a sense of urgency

Get the job done in a safe, timely manner by prioritizing, using initiative and using available resources effectively.

4. Be a team player

Work together to achieve the same goals by respecting, communicating and contributing in an honest, open, supportive and trusting environment.

5. Continually improve

Positively evolve and be open to change so that we can remain profitable and competitive.

6. Deliver results

Consistently deliver on identified targets and objectives.